BOSSNA™ (USA) - Improving mental focus and energy levels

Improving mental focus and energy levels

Improving mental focus and energy levels
April 10, 2016 bossnian


There is always a wariness around energy drinks, especially the cheap mass market kind which contain the cheapest chemicals in the lowest quality formulations.  Quick energy, cheap and at a cost to your performance and health.  The old proverb of, “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things” should come to mind every time we need a quick hit of energy.  In sports nutrition and energy drinks, cheap is not cheerful.  If you need a pick-me-up or pre-workout energiser, you need to be sure what you drink is not going to damage your performance and health.


How much caffeine and the quality of formulation is a major question.  Caffeine alone continues to be studied and monitored for it’s effects on humans and our performance.  Studies have shown that the safe limit for caffeine consumption in adults to be between 300-400mg per day, while the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) found that single doses of caffeine to 200mg and a daily consumption of 400mg raise no safety concerns.  At BOSSNA™ we know that providing the right amount of caffeine in the right formulation will not just improve our product and its effectiveness, it will give our athletes and consumers a clean, healthy boost.

Focus – Brain and Muscle

Yet on its own caffeine is not enough.  So in addition to 110mg of caffeine, we’ve added in the science proven ingredients of L-Tyrosine (Brain), Beta Alanine and Arginine (both muscle) to allow healthy lifestyle users and those with a hectic schedule to keep going longer, without the worry of a sugar crash.  And this is where our Energy Shot shows its true worth.  Unlike mass market energy drinks and pre-workout sports formulations, our product will not leave you feeling like a dead battery when the effect wears off.  Longer, harder, faster and healthier, at a price everyone will afford.


What adds to our Energy Shot and makes it even more effective, is that perfectly balanced Vitamins B 6 and 12 which give you 100% of your daily allowance in one go.  These vital Vitamins help to produce and repair cells, maximising the effects of a workout and maintaining the health of those under stress.  The BOSSNA™ Energy Shot is a one-stop shot for everyone.  A boost for a busy lifestyle, an early morning gym workout or a lift before a game, invest in your body and mind!

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