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Serious Reasons to Lose Weight

Serious Reasons to Lose Weight
April 23, 2016 bossnian

When I sat down to begin writing this article I put my hand on my stomach and realised that I’ll be training again today.  Since my pre-teens I was constantly aware of weight issues because I was a boxer.  The constant issue of having to lose weight for fights gave me a reason to manage my diet so that stepping on the scales at weigh-ins was not a battle.  So the value of keeping weight under control and working hard to do so, was better than moving up a weight class or 2 and face a monster in the ring.  Yet it was not just being able to box at a lighter weight class, from childhood I’d been aware of the negative health effects of being overweight or obese.  While there is much noise in the media today about expanding waistlines and childhood obesity, nothing will be done to tackle the root causes of this problem, so it’s down to us to solve it.  So if you’re thinking of losing weight, we’ve outlined 5 good (and very serious) reasons to keep your weight under control.


5 Reasons to watch your weight

  1. It is reduces joint pain – especially in knees and ankles.  And in general watching your weight reduces your risk of osteoarthritis in your knees.
  2. You’ll sleep better – it has been shown that having your weight under control means less chance of sleep apnea, and since sleep apnea has more severe effects, watching your weight will have greater benefits.
  3. You improve your immune system – a reason to watch your weight is that increased BMI (Body Mass Index) or body fat means that you greatly reduce the effectiveness of your immune system.  Increased BMI is linked with (amongst others) nose and sinus problems, gum, lip and stomach infections.  Why is this?  Too much fat tissue can release large amounts of immune chemicals and overwhelm your body balance.
  4. You have a greater chance to survive surgery – we all know of people who had to lose weight before undergoing surgery, the reasons are multiple from an obese person being more difficult to intubate, to having longer operation times.  These with a higher risk of post-operative complications are reasons to watch your weight.
  5. Lower your risk of breast cancer – while this is seem as more for women, it comes from the fact that body fact produces estrogen and the hormone leptin (associated with weight gain) both increase risks for breast cancer.  While a motivation to lose weight might be more cosmetic, reducing the chance of breast cancer is also a reason to watch your weight.

Manage or Lose Weight?

We’ve only listed the fully health related reasons to manage your weight and the most serious ones to lose weight.  You can understand this better by finding out your BMI, once you have done this you will know exactly where you are.  If you are in the healthy range, you just need to keep yourself there.  You can do this by maintaining your current training regime or diet.  Should either change you will know what to do to get your balance back.

If you are overweight, you can set out a balanced training and diet plan to lose weight.  For example – after setting your healthy range goal, you can build a solid training and diet plan to get there.  It might mean cutting out unhealthy food and drink, or exercising more often, though if the 5 reasons we gave to manage your weight are not enough, we’ll give you some more.

More reasons to lose weight

People who are obese at midlife (especially with larger waist size) are 260% more prone to suffer dementia than people whose BMI is in the safe range.

Your heart is better off, obese people are at higher risk of suffering heart attacks earlier in life.

If you are lighter working out is more fun, as well as being able to enjoy an active life longer.

You save on health and life insurance.  If you are overweight insurance companies will bump up premiums.

As we stated in the opening paragraph, there are serious reasons to lose weight and especially to manage your weight.  It goes far beyond looking good, fitting into your teen jeans and certainly more than what others think.  Managing your weight saves money for sure, more importantly, it will support you to live a longer and more active life.

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