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Sport Supplements for Gaining Weight

Sport Supplements for Gaining Weight
April 25, 2016 bossnian

Before beginning any process to gain weight it is important to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and if your body is ready.  Once you know why you are doing it and what you are doing, it’s important to consult with a Doctor first (if you’ve not gotten this advice already).  Reasons from building muscle to recovering from illness are relevant for gaining weight and in both cases (and many more) sports supplements are very helpful.  

Gaining Weight

As with having an energy boost before training or recovering from a hard match, supplements are there for a reason.  They “supplement” our regular diet and help us reach our goals.  Gaining weight, like any other goal, needs to be balanced between supplements and a solid diet plan.  The formal warning of “Supplements should not be taken in place of a proper diet” or some such  variation, is not just a warning, it’s a starting point.  Once you have the amount of useful calories ready with regular food, it’s then down to supplements to support this.

We’ll begin with the sports supplements most useful for gaining weight.


Weight Gainer

Weight gainers are the staple of any weight gaining plan.  A mix of protein, carbs and fats, some can deliver up to 1,000 calories in a single shake.  Depending on your training plan, they are most useful to gain weight quickly.  A warning, check the label carefully and don’t just blindly buy a product which promises massive weight gain.  Many contain “empty calories” which won’t synthesise into muscle.  Better to go on the beer for a month and enjoy yourself before trying to work off your beer belly!  Joking aside, do your research on any weight gainer that you’ve been proposed or seen to get the most from what you drink.


I asked a member (former bodybuilder) of our Kaprina LLC Advisory Board about weight gaining and he told me that dextrose is a cheap and easy way to improve your diet plan.  As a supplement dextrose is cheap and available in many forms.  As low cost carbs go, it’s a nice addition to have in your plan.



Muscle Recovery and Gain Supplements

Minerals like Zinc and Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 are excellent supplements to support your plan for gaining weight.  Taking them before bedtime gives them a better chance to work and repair muscles so that you can wake up feeling ready to go again.  When they are in combination with a protein or ready-to-drink, they are more effective.

In one case study carried out by BOSSNA™ this year in Russia, a dancer who was coming back from an injury, was told by her Doctor to regain weight and muscle.  However given the nature of her profession she needed to balance her cardio and muscle building program.  Her regular weight gainer shake was a carb and protein low-fat mix.  She took a Zinc and Magnesium supplement, and to balance all out used BOSSNA™ Protein (which contain a B Vitamin complex) and Workout Shots  to support her diet.  The BOSSNA™ Workout Shot added another useful ingredient for weight gaining – Creatine!



Creatine has been used since the 1980’s in sports as a recovery aid.  Intense muscle workout is made easier by creatine supplementation and in combination with a proper diet and training plan, real effects can be felt and seen.  The BOSSNA™ Workout Shot is designed for getting your Creatine quick and easy, 3g of the World’s #1 Liquid Soluble Creatine in 60ml of concentrated Pre-Workout mix.  The dancer in our case study had been told to use creatine in a “top-up” manner – meaning 3g per day.  So it worked perfectly for her.

In general the 2 creatine cycles (loading and top-up) can be geared for gaining weight and therefore support your diet and training plans fully.  Creatine gives your more power in the gym, allowing you to lift more, for longer, which in turn allows muscle building in a greater volume.  So for gaining weight, Creatine is a must have in your plan.

Extra Tips for Gaining Weight

So you have your sports supplements sorted, your diet and training plan drawn up and ready to go.  What other little tips help when it comes to gaining weight?

  • Keep a diary – for food and training.  You then can track and adjust to make your goal.
  • Small targets – go step by step and with each target reached you feel pumped to make the next one.
  • Sleep – Sleep is important, lack of sleep doesn’t allow your body to rest and will counter-act your gains.
  • Get out for food – restaurants will give you a high calorie variation and your shake will taste better afterwards.
  • Patience – glugging down processed sugar will give you diabetes, drinking 10 shakes a day will make you into a blimp, so build your plans and stick to them.  Be realistic and patient.

I hope that the above will at least give you some guidance on how to use sports supplements for gaining weight.  It doesn’t have to be a chore so don’t make it one.  

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